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ABOUT Corvus

Lover of Hand Crafts, Good Music and Good Movies.

Before having any concepts of money, being a painter was my ideal job.


After I found out the life story of Vincent Van Gogh.
I worked hard to get into University and Studied in Music..

Violin as the major instrument and Composition was the concentration; then Had a little master degree in Conducting.

Went to Shanghai Music Conservatory to learn Violin Making in the Old Fashion Way after a year of works in an instrument store.

Then went to the United States to learn the Smart Way of Violin Making under One of the Best Violin Maker in Chicago, Michael Darnton. Hopefully become one of the best Apprentice.


Currently residing in Hong Kong running self-titled channel on YouTube helping people all around the world who are passionate on Violin Making.

After years of hard works, still like to paint, and become a coffee addict.

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